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07 November 2007


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well, of course, I love this one!

gautami tripathy

It is evocative poetry as far as I can see. I could see the beads rattling...


"was there ever a pattern?
some have fallen
into the grate
i'll never retrieve them"

Indeed! I love the existential question you pose twice - was there ever a pattern? Very evocative.


I really like this, it's clever, evocative, well done.


:-) I love the pattern of short lines in orderly three, bead-links down the page.

Lovely poem.

Alan Bender

I like the way it rolls out on the tongue and rattles to the floor. 3tu


"They rattle against the dark"
I was stuck on this line, it evoked so many different things in my mind.


The bead and grate images are...great. I like hearing the rattling. As I sit at a public computer with rattling keyboard, I can (even better)hear the imagery.

Beloved Dreamer-Melanie

I like this very much. I sure can identify with your words. Which poem did you chose? Great job!
Also your site is awesome!!!!


Holly Mac

Really wonderful. I love the connection between poems and beads.


Interesting! Lost, dark, mysterious and wondering. Very nice.

Fledgling Poet

Wow, do I love this poem...and these three lines especially moved me:

it is dark here, unnavigable
i am lost
listen, the beads are rattling

Linda Jacobs

Love the comparison of beads to poetry! It's fresh and quirky. ~Linda


I love this. Complex as a shifting bead curtain parting to show the beyond.

my backyard

I'm awe of people like you who can weave such a poem from a prompt and photo.

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