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14 November 2007


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i like the concept of writing about "places" and i can picture and feel this venue in this poem.

most poems about spaces are of the victorian, traditional, lacy, artifact filled variety. no mention of smell or sounds, simply pure and accurate visual cues here. when in spaces like this i do pick up things other than visual, but i don't know why.

i love visual spaces that are minimal. take away this, take away that and then notice what is left. is there any humanity left when you take away this, take away that?


Wonderful layering of details and then the murder by "all this domesticity this/
room with its old woman". Powerful view of a vistorian room turned modern.


it sounds just like my spartan room,, when seen thru my own minds eye..... very lovely


Enjoyed the read. Nice imagery.


books on their bellies, sighs and signs of other lives - such delicious detail!


I like the way the poem itself mimics the closeness of the room it describes, and the ending is deliciously chilling.


like an intimate conversation with a friend.


Great place! Haunting thoughts.

Linda Jacobs

Love all the specific details! ~Linda

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