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29 November 2007


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Crafty Green Poet

LOL. I almost signed myself Crafty green Rabbit there! I love rabbits and you've caught their air of unconcerned peacefulness perfectly there. I particularly like the rabbit and cats touching noses.


how true... what we see is always shaded by our own experience isn"t it???? very nice....


i think we're all part of the same bowl of pudding.

from a distance...the surface of the earth is more like a marble than an orange, it's sooo smooth. to someone looking at us through a scope, we are one thing. one big round blue sphere.

i think to someone without some microscope to see each little planet...or even each galaxie...we're soup - pudding - what we see as universe...all that, that is open and empty to us, because we're soooooo tiny...is probably not even seen as separate to something larger than we.

and in the same way...i think that when we look at something we think is solid or liquid...all connected...those things in it, waaaaaaay tinier than we, think that they are individual, too. like us, they probably don't realize that they are interconnected.

Linda Jacobs

I like the levels of meaning here. It's got me thinking of several metaphors for the bunny.

I like your use of rhyme, too. It's unobtrusive and doesn't lead the poem in a place it doesn't want to go. Excellent control!

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