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17 December 2007


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Mage Bailey

What beauty. Thank you.


Did you see Theriomorph's (very lengthy) post yesterday?


Oops, I should know better than to copy and past from Google Reader. Here.

Mary Scriver

My manuscript for "Dog Catching in America" is on my desk. The cover is a photo of me in uniform at about thirty years old, cheek to cheek with a St. Bernard. A classmate from seminary was visiting for the day -- drove from Kalispell where she's serving a fellowship. She's 74 -- I'm 68. We talked about it. She looked at my photo and and said, "I think you look better now!" I said, without thinking, "Me, too!" But I was thinner then, juicier, line-less, teeth fixed, etc. So why do she and I look better now? More life?

Prairie Mary


It's taken me two reads to respond, and I still don't know what to say. Except, maybe: Yes.

Just yes.


Dave, thank you so much for the pointer to Theriomorph. This is a new blog to me -- I obviously need to check out your blogroll again.

And the rest of you will be blown away by that post, too. Check it out.

Among many of her observations, Mary, is that a reasonable society *would* find us more beautiful as we age.

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