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06 December 2007


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Mary Scriver

This seems to me to be in part about aging and chronic fatique syndrome, the need to transcend them. The quote: "We step off into the dark, trusting that either there will be ground to stand on or we will be given wings."

Did I send you my story about wings? (Actually only one wing -- a sci-fi version of the princes who became swans all day.) I have DVD's of two movies about "angels" with wings: "Michael" and "City of Angels." It's the nature and use of the wings that intrigue me -- flying, but somehow comic. Michael Gilleon has a series of oldtime Indians with wings, orange kinda funky ones.

You're onto something. I've looked at batwings closely, looked a bats closely, since the cats catch the ones that live in my outbuildings. They are so fragile, but so effective.

Prairie Mary


transcend -- ascend --

hmm, you might be onto something there.

No, I don't remember a story from you about wings.

This reminds me, though, that I have a poem to finish. About wings.


WOW!! What an amazing story - so different from your usual. Where did this come from?


Niki: on the last day of NaNoWriMo, I had about 1500 words left to do. This image had been floating around in my mind for several days, so I decided just to go with it, see where it would take me.

It took me here.


For the past two mornings I have awakened thinking of this story. There is something very hopeful about it, and a breaking of the stereotype of wings that opens our westernized ideas about beauty. Thank you.


Judith: It's hard to imagine a stronger compliment from a reader, than this one -- that you wake two days later, still thinking about the piece.


There you go again -- tickling minds (imagine that!) -- just knew I was not alone (re: last comment from Judith, above). I LOVE it. The miracle of ...'plain-old' therapeutic... wings -- Beauty transcended indeed -- let the sighted-blind want more. Yes, Thank You!

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