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19 December 2007


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i am working just this moment on a piece about the hole inside of us,,, the one that we fill with love or people or drugs or money or...... yes,, that hole.. the very one that reared its ugly little head in this piece... this was so well done..


I like the line breaks. And the words. It's strange how empty spaces turn hard. Very nice!

Linda Jacobs

I love this! It reads so well and the longer line lengths do it justice.


This is really beautiful. I love that you opened it with the vision of birch trees. They are such a strongly rooted poetic image, and then end with illusion.

This makes me think of so many illusions:
love, beauty, self, relationships, art. So great.

thank you!


You poem is sheer beauty!

BTW, the URL option is back in blogger!

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