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12 December 2007


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Cynthia Bagley

Wonderful raven poem. We have tons of them living in this littl city. The poem is so Raven. :-)

Crafty Green Poet

This is excellent, you've captured the raven wonderfully and there is such a sense of quiet doom in your poem, summing up the current climate in all too many places


You have really caught the essence of ravens. Great work.


You have really caught ravens. Great work (if this is a duplicate, sorry, for some reason it won't take my comment).


i was all set not to like this,, i felt like it was going to be dry and intimidating.. but i must say you won me over,, and i think it is lovely,, not just visual,, but real....


never before had Ravens interested me this much :)
very nicely done


I see layers...what we know we don't fear...ravens are rather frightening and raucous.


Gorgeous imagination. The line about puffing out his throat is what really caught me, and then the idea to fear, less. Wonderful. I love ravens (I thought it was bad luck to look them in the eye, though...is that a true legend or?) I'm excited you have a poem being published in a book about them. Yea!


You really know how to rave about ravens!Nicely written.


Thanks, all, for reading and commenting. Food for the muse.

I hadn't heard that it's bad luck to look a raven in the eye. I look them in the eye whenever I get a chance.

Actually, I adore ravens, even with all their tricks and mischief. They are rumored to be the most intelligent of all birds, and my guess is that they're more intelligent than we think.

And I'm liking these long lines. I think I'll keep it up for awhile.

Frances Sbrocchi

This works so well, beautiful images that fit and yet the detail is exact. Fran

Frances Sbrocchi

This works so well, beautiful images that fit and yet the detail is exact. Fran

Linda Jacobs

I agree about the long lines. You really know how to use them! Intriguing poem!

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