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09 December 2007


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Mage Bailey

Sometimes we find ourselves Photoshopped, but mostly still human. :)


Photoshopped?? You think that's photoshopped?

Why, that's what I actually look like...

... on the Web.

John B.

This made for thoughtful reading. I took the liberty of plugging it over at my place; I hope some folks find their way here to read it.



lunar reflections at even tide as the wind rises and the sky fills with stars.

I see my self in nature. I look better that way.

Mary Scriver

A related but equally absorbing subject is the way blind people show expression, since they don't have a way of knowing what kind of faces other people are making. Does Ray Charles KNOW that other people don't throw their heads back and show their teeth when they play the piano? Do people show more expression or less when they are blind? What about all those stylized little grimaces we make: tongue in the corner of the mouth, wrinkling up the nose, pursing the mouth -- are they somehow built in, genetic? Or do you learn to copy other folks?

Prairie Mary

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