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26 December 2007


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The long lines certainly help to drive the beguiling narrative. The poem has the feel of a piece of minstrelsy; it speaks out loud very effectively.


in my own little corner, in my own little chair,, i can be what ever i want to be........

Linda Jacobs

Really wonderful word choices and usage in here! I loved it!


Prose poetry always works for me. Here, for this prompt it really fits!


This sings, is very beautiful. So many exquisite images, and the sky holds its stars line is superb.


I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative style & essence and there were lots of lines I was completely taken with.

I particularly liked "She drowses in the curve of his dangerous tail,/ he snores his smoky breath." Domestic tranquility.


A lovely place - many fine phrases and visuals.

Mike McCulley

I especially like the way it ends. Good job.

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