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03 January 2008


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Oh, yes, this should be sent to as many editors as possible! I'm still laughing at your use of internets...

Mad Kane

Thanks for the mention!


I adore your first line!

I was smitten with Kane's poll, too. And thanks for your kind words about my poem.


This is hilarious! I like the idea of being subversive as a bloggin' poet.

gautami tripathy

I loved this. We are getting that way, aren't we?!



Ordinary poets are blogging on
current events!



Thank you all for your comments. I haven't tried a sonnet in ages -- this prompt just seemed to call for it.

Mike McCulley

It is a con-spiracy to get poems published, but don't tell.


Mike -- that's exactly right! And it's a successful conspiracy, at that. Even if I had the energy to send out poems for publication, they would get fewer eyes on them than these do, here on the internets.


This is so wonderful!

The power of the pen, or this case the keyboard.

Much enjoyed!

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