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30 January 2008


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How beautifully put...! I like the way you spaced out certain lines, esp.

"the seal is a sylph a cipher a bond
the seal is a veil consummation"

such a unique take on the prompt. I think I will attempt the TOP myself.


this works beautifully......

gautami tripathy

IT took me on a ride inside the mind.

I agree with Cecil Rajendra..

Life Force

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

I think you juggle it just right, between meaning and being; the best poetry sits in between those two poles, pulled either way.


wow sb... i don't know if this was a real dream interpretation or a piece of imagined poetry,, and on one hand,, it doesn't matter,, it is so thought provoking and beautiful.. what a thought process....

i am working on a new project with the senior citizens here in the ALF and i set up a page to expound on it as it unravels.. i asked yesterday for pearls of life wisdom from my readers,, and i want to cordially invite you to leave a comment should you have one... i can see from this post,, there is life wisdom inside you,, and i would love to have just a cuppa....

"pearls before swine"


Vivid imagery - layers of thought - very nice!

Linda Jacobs

I like the white space in this poem. It gives it that dreamy quality. There is room in between the images for thought!

Sweet Talking Guy

Don't you just love dreams? I love the image of the seal - the seal is blue... mottled... purple and gold it's the swimming colors of oil on water - Magic!


very nice flow of thoughts..

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