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05 January 2008


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Nice, Sharon :)
I've always enjoyed your Snapshots and this one ranks among my favorites!


Love how you repeated the first lines at the end.


Ooh, wonderful how it builds on itself. I love the craziness of it. It had a way of not really ending--I can see it growing longer and wilder as I leave the last line. Great picture(s) all the way around.



I'm also digging the look of your sidebar these days.


Glad y'all liked this one -- cutting loose a bit.

And Dave likes the sidebar! Wow. That's an accomplishment, I'd say.

Linda Jacobs

Wow, I was right there with you under the moon. I have this uncontrolable curly hair and could feel fingers going through it!

gautami tripathy

I have too long hair. Still I could see myself dancing like you!


I really enjoyed this, they're what I call resolutions.


Thanks for stopping by!

I think this is a fine work. I imagine going just delightfully mad under said moon. However, there is this meanness to it. Visceral. This isn't slow madness, this is fast, angry detrimental insanity. Cold, through and through.

Crafty green Poet

Almost like an incantation, its haunting


Welcome, Derek -- a reader who sees the dark. You will find more of it here, though I do try to find the light, as well.


"And Dave likes the sidebar!"

Well, aside from the fact that it still takes over a minute to load, that is.



As you know, I keep taking things off, putting things back...

The question is -- is the wait worth it?


oh you are so right... this builds just so... perfection......

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