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28 January 2008


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Rachel Barenblat

I like the third section of this poem very much, especially "two, the dialectic / balance." It's intriguing to see what symbolism you've attached to each number, and where that symbolism is or isn't aligned with what I would choose. :-)


they were all very well done,,, but i loved the sing songy nature of the first one... it really had me going.....


II is 22 much B-)
Mathematical Reflection


Genius! In the first one I thought of synesthesia, when people sometimes imagine numbers in certain colors. Maybe that was your plan!

II shows great control of language, yet it reads so well.

III reminds me of numerology and secret codes.

Intriguing poems.


Love these. I was so glad to read a series. The last one was my favorite, possibly because I have always loved numbers and those secrets. But using "obtuse" in II captured me. It's one of my favorite words...you used it - and so many - well here.

And then there's the amazement of zero...you got that in all three, too. I'm one of your fans. (0, 1, 2, 3 : I couldn't resist, though it's not as clever as Alan's.)


This was beautiful...I love numbers, I love poetry, but couldnt combine the two like you have beautifully done here. Thanks for sharing.


Ha! This is great -- everyone likes a different section best; comments so erudite they go right over my head; and readers who like poems and math!

For the third section, I browsed The Dictionary of Symbols, which has pages on each number. Lots of connotation from which to choose.

This was a fun prompt.


Poem I rhymes!! This is the first peom I have read of your that does so. Poem II - I found I ended up hearing a rap beat as I read it. Really! Try "rapping it". Poem III - so cool. Made me wonder, tho, why is 3 perfect?

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