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09 January 2008


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Absolutely beautiful. The sounds and visuals are superb!

Crafty Green Poet

Beautifully peaceful


Beautiful, as the others have said, I love the idea of the whisper and hiss of colliding starlight.


This is lovely, I could hear it, I especially the crackling of stars
such a beautiful sound


as a child people would say things to me,, and i would strain so hard to realize the beauty of whatever it was they were saying, hearing, seeing, and it never materialized for me... i had to pretend... i wonder where those blinders came from... this was beautiful....

Holly Mac

What a lovely picture this paints. So very evocative.

Penelope Anne

I loved the image you gave that worked so well with the words. Wonderful.


Your words awaken the silence of the street cries and the Earth opens her eyes. Thank you for the warmth of the smile.


Love the relentless urging.

(You seem to be using repetition to great effect, lately.)


Or rather, lately, you have been...:-)

Like the sidebar portrait, too. Lovely.


I'm glad this pleased you.

And the sidebar portrait -- yes, lovely -- and not greatly like me, I think. I'm going to do a post about this, soon.

But, notice -- I'm not above using it, even if the resemblance is not, um, precise.

Linda Jacobs

Isn't it amazing what we can hear in the silence? An expertly written poem!

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