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03 April 2008


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What color is water? I am not a poet, but I have been intrigued by this question for years - I study water in order to try to paint it. I have tried to answer that question, and had to laugh when I read your first prompt. I look forward to reading the wonderful poems that will be written in response to your prompts, and maybe even an answer to the question, "what color is water?".

Small Talk

Prompts 8, 16 and 2. On my blog. Was fun.

gautami tripathy

I write two to three poems a day. However, I am not posting for NaPoWriMo. The day it goes international, I will post one a day, for a year!


1.) Guy Davenport said water (specifically seawater) was "frogpawn pewter" [sic] and I always felt that was the number one best description, vexing though some of the more literal-minded have found it.


i just love the prompts you have come up with here... this is my firs,, and i do so intend to use a few more... thank you sooo much!!

rainy day

Tiel Aisha Ansari

Apparently Eucalyptus Daphne though wood could be erotic.


prompt one for me worked well...i love several entries here..i will be back.


oops forgot to link, follow me @

Robin Reagler

These are terrific, SB. Thanks so much!

deep rooted in the earth
laced into sky
map of generations
outliving all
cliche of truth
in a hundred languages. Fran


one on prompt 14 : here is the link


Evelyn Wangari

I am not a poet but interested.

Evelyn Wangari

Water is colorless!

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