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05 April 2008


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My journal has ALL that in it and more! Fun poem and I am honored by the "for" Niki. Noted the color of water!


Love your sharp, dramatic bursts of "raw and naked" images.

Very graphic!


Linda Jacobs

Even though I don't write them very often, I love, love, love list poems! This one is jampacked full of wonderful images!


this was sooo good.. i truly wish i was feeling better so i could really enjoy its every nuance.. i will be back to do so.. as i have also bookmarked your prompts... so don't be surprised if you get a link or two from me......


Wonderful response to Stafford's poem. I'm pleased for you to have been a student of his.

I like his, and yours, so much I might just have to try it myself.

And thanks for the link to your NaPoWriMo post! I'll reference it next Tuesday in another "support post" we're doing.

(Joyce - Pepek - mentioned Stafford's poem about Aunt Mabel, too. I love how poets seem to echo!)


Absolutely wonderful - the style is perfect and the list is incredibly dense with images.


I love how the paragraphs are constructed. It allows such freedom.

Leonard Blumfeld

I'm not surprised W. Stafford liked this one. Looking forward to read more of your work.


Oh, some new readers!

This poem was so fun to write -- I'm especially pleased so many of you like it.

Leonard, Stafford never saw this poem -- it's a new poem. He saw my very early work. I think he would have liked this one, though.


i loved how you combined the two prompts in such a unique manner...beautiful.

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