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10 June 2008


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Wonderful and melancholy poem.

I saw on the news that Montana got snow yesterday. Was hoping it spare you, guess not.


Whoever once wrote somewhere that posting poems on the Net was like taking a long walk off a short pier (or something like that and please forgive me, y'all, as I am way off on the quote,) is just an old sourpuss.

How could we be kept from writing as beautiful as this? How could Sharon be dissuaded from sharing about cutting her hair and fake pearls and longing for limber painless youth and all this gorgeous stuff?

BTW, Sharon, you would not believe the heat we are already having here in Texas. I'd rather be where you are. And think! You still have all that snowmelt and those spring flowers to look forward to, while we'll still be broiling here.

Thank you for the gift of your poetry


i do so wish to go back.. i am so not amused with the whole aging process,, and feel ever so slighted to have to take part... i think this is the first time in my whole life i have literally been forced to do something i do not want to do.. and let me just say,, it isn't going down well.....


Sad but lovely, Sharon. I know this territory!

Daryl James

I love the way the flow fits into the form. Shaping the words makes all the difference in my humble mind.

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