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16 June 2008


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It's OK! It's really Patti Ann's job; the rest of aren't qualified.


What would be the point of GLAST to the minds of those 100 years back: since then Si Fi thoughts are more than thoughts, in so many ways are real, making progress. who knows 100 years time it may be thought how dated we are now???
life must go on.one would have thought.


wonderful to hear from you.. hope your lazy summer is just what the doctor ordered... and in the interim,, i will be philosophizing religion and science in poetic terms...


Patiann Rogers said that? Good. I agree. But it's also our responsibility as poets to educate ourselves about history, anthropology, popular culture (including science fiction) - a little bit of everything. Robert Frost boasted about rarely finishing any book he ever read. There's just too much to learn!

Congrats on your publication success. I believe I saw Watermark in Pollard's sidebar quite a while ago.

Barbara Doduk

It was my pleasure to highlight you Flickr site. Thanks for letting me. :)

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