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25 July 2008


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18" of braid! Someone will benefit greatly from your gift. And your new short hair looks great!


Whoa! didn't realize your hair was that long!


Great poem about a huge change in your life. When I had my hair cut short (it was no where as near as long as yours) it signalled a change in my life...not a huge change like a divorce but just a change in direction.

I hope the change that you had was a positive one. And you can always put a new and exciting colour in your fabulous short hair, if you want to be rid of the grey.


Sweet Talking Guy..

Nice writing, having your haircut can be a big step - a fresh start, perhaps.

stan ski

I like the way you shaped the poem to suit the subject.


Very cool.
I particularly like the concrete poetry aspect--that was intentional, right?


Yes, the 'concrete' shape was intentional -- the only concrete poem I've written that was intended to be one from the start.

This may sound odd -- but I didn't know it was that long, either. Having it professionally braided, while still wet, straightened and, seemingly, lengthened it.

I do love the haircut, and hope for a fresh start.


This is wonderful, so deftly done.

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