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10 August 2008


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Crafty Green Poet

I know the feeling, except for me it would be scolding the rabbit!


One feels so helpless when things are like this. I like the way you've conveyed that in the poem. :)

Jim Murdoch

I'm in two minds about this piece. It didn't pan out as I expected but I'm not sure that's necessarily a bad thing. I thought we'd find out what it was you were looking for for but we don't. If I'd done this poem the only change I would've made was to entitle it 'Love'.

I'm reminded of an old Ziggy cartoon where he's standing in front of an Information window and the man behind the counter is trying to explain why it's only in his remit to tell him about things within the actual store and he knows nothing about this thing called 'love'.

The fact that you don't tell us what it is means that it could still be love or that certain missing something that would make everything all right. I like it.


Jim, what an excellent idea!

You might like this poem: What Does Love Want? -- I knew as soon as it was written what the title should be.

Also, calling this one 'Love' would make it responsive to one of the prompts in my previous post.


You forgot to look in the mirror.


oh this was fun... and oh so true!!!!!!

So much truth
delightfully put
and the title suggestion
made it...thanks, Fran

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