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03 August 2008


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there can never be too many loving adults in a child's life. i think it's a sad culture we have that restricts parenting to two people (the biological ones - usually), who are responsible for everything, 24/7.

in the really, really, really olden days...before capitalism...extended families (not necessarily biologically connected) were the norm. clan. a child had scores and scores of people around watching, caring, tending, and teaching.

and as a social species, that connection is the greatest loss we've suffered (in these contrived economic systems of the last millenia).

i wish my children could have benefited from such an extended family.


I know L & A are richer having known you in their lives. Thank you.


You don't know me - I came upon this entry quite by accident while 'googling' something else.

This entry hits right at what I'm worrying about now. I'm thinking of marrying my partner. My only reservation is that she doesn't want children, and without going into the reasons too keenly, this is not a phase, not something that will change in time. I am struggling with what this will mean for me. Will I regret not having children? Will being an uncle suffice?

I'm 26 and my girlfriend is 28.

Difficult decisions!

Thanks for this post.




This caught my eye over at Dave's, and reading it here, there's even more that I recognise.

Beautifully, courageously, lovingly written, it's made me look things in the face I'd rather shrugged off... Thanks.

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