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16 August 2008


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Miss Peach

I want to leave you a big basket full of love and {({({(HUGS)})})}
from your Miss Peach

Whicky Wuudler

I am sorry to read that Spike has gone, he was a very beautiful, characterful cat.


oh girl i so feel for you... losing a pet is so hard.. you handled it with grace and love tho.. i can only hope i have as much strength when my time comes....


Just read the news. Sorry about Spike, it's a great loss losing family. At least you were able to spend your last moments together. {{{{{hugs}}}}}


R.I.P. Spike...


Rest in peace, Spike. Scott and I send our condolences, Sharon. *hugsss*

Mary Scriver

They're wrong about the stars, you know. They're not burning suns and cold planets and racing gas comets at all -- they're all cats. The spirits of cats anyway, because they don't really LOOK like cats anymore. There's no use paying someone to name a star for your lover, because it's already a cat with a name. if you watch closely, you might be able to see one lap from the Milky Way. A friend is sending me a fancy brass telescope. I'll watch for Spike.

Prairie Mary

Pearl, Bert & Jake

We are so sorry to hear about your loss of Spike. Your tribute was beautiful.


So sorry about Spike passing. He was a big beautiful boy, with such class and confidence. He was just saying hello to me the day before. He lived a good life as king of his castle! And he passed in his own time with love and dignity. He will be missed.


Sharon, I'm so very sorry.


We are so sorry to hear of Spikes passing. Sending you purrs and gentle headbutts.


We were very sad to read about Spike. He sure was a handsome boy!
Soar high with the angels, Orange Boy..
~ Maggie Mae and The Bunch

Mary Scriver

I tried to say this before but it didn't "take." I hope it's worth repeating.

What I wanted to note was that those stars out there are not really suns and planets, you know. Not even the comets that dash across the sky are anything other than cats. That's where the cats go when they die and that's why there are so many stars.

There's no use paying someone to name a star for your sweetheart, because they all have their own cat names. At night they slip down to lap at the Milky Way.

A friend is sending me a fine brass telescope. She says it's for looking at the stars, but in truth I'll be watching for Spike.

Prairie Mary


Thank you all for your condolences. I had forgotten that Spike has a fan club!


So sorry to hear about Spike. What a cat.


Such a great cat.. I am so sorry for your loss.


Just came to your site ... what a lovely moggy, and so sorry. He's with you in your heart.

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