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30 September 2008


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From this distant land I watch and listen and agree with this while wondering why fundamentalists of all persuasions: Free enterprise, Christians, Muslims, Party Loyalists, et al et al, fail to see what has been happening. The rest of the world looks by in terror as the US voters make the most important decision of the past hundred years.


Let us tend our gardens, be always kinder than necessary and never buy slinkies because altho they are such fun for a girl and a boy, they inevitably end up messed up like that one, when the money would've been much better spent on flower seeds or some juicy grapes.!



The best kind of rant - angry but informed and focussed.

GeL(Emerald Eyes)

No time to read this interesting post now. (I will another day.) For now, that slinky photo is awesome!!!

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