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01 April 2009


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Hey, as long as you're posting really really bad poems, it shouldn't be a problem to post mine.


Hey, thanks for the link. I decided not to use to use someecard's silly Flash embed, because who knows how long they keep cards on their servers? Plus it slows down my blog. But other than that wierdness, I love what they're doing!


(Also, it doesn't show up in your feed.)

LINDA - Nickers and Ink - poetry and humor



Cindy, since I've not promised to post *only* bad poems, yours will be welcome.

Dave, I copied the image to my server -- now it should show in the feed. I'll keep my eyes open for what you do next.


I decide to join in the challenge this year. After not doing it last year. So if I get get frazzle by the end of April. I'm blaming you Sharon ;)

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