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05 May 2009


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I haven't joined twitter as the idea I have of it is quick snippets of talk - not necessarily worthwhile talk but talk. Is this so? I don't have enough time in the day to join in on an online cocktail party if this is what it amounts to. I've joined Facebook to keep up with friends and family as they don't all visit my blog - can't get them all on Facebook either. I follow blogs and Facebook friends because of interest. Not looking to make a living through these contacts I guess I get to be choosy but why bother with sites you don't like for an occasional sell. It the trade-off worth it? I guess sometimes it might be. I don't think I'd keep up my blog if I never had visitors and commentors. It would be too sterile. I already live in the middle of nowhere; the internet is my social life but everyone comes to it for their own reasons. I think you make a really good point of not wanting spammers followed. We want them gone, not proliferating.

Have a great day.

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