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20 May 2009


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I've left you some love on my blog. I hope it brightens your day!




What difficult challenges have you met in your creative life?

I hated my own art. I won't say I was a perfectionist, but my imagination always outmatched my skill to incarnate the idea into a real thing. Every attempt was unsatisfying (in the most frustrating sense).

How have you met them?

I listened to the great Ze Frank (there's a link discussing this on my blog home page, just click on his name). Basically, I decided that all the ideas I had been hanging onto were a lie if I didn't actually do them. So I committed to a year of writing a poem, everyday, online.

What, if anything, do wish you had done differently?

I wish I would have started this at 20 when I was a music major in college instead of a 37 year old tech guy.

What creative challenge are you facing now?

The vision to continue to move the project forward. I have plans for two more years, but I need readers. I need a community of folks that will like (and challenge) my art and require more of me each day. It would be nice to publish, but only to further this same goal. To encounter an audience in a way that builds a personal relationship.

I look forward to reading your blog. I very much enjoy your work.

Gail White

I'm Gail White in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.
Website: Www.gailwhite.org
Challenges: Trying to make light verse in America as popular
as Wendy Cope has made it in England.
Regrets: That I wasn't born in England.
Fond of: Travel, cats, Victorian novels, and biographies of
Victorians when the novels give out.

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