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18 May 2009


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I like this a lot, SB. Especially "sitting at a machine, asking it to translate my human self. The ground opens up."

(Haven't been by in a while. I like the updated site design.)


This is terrific, Sharon.

As for the lines not fitting in HTML, don't you think that's a message from your muse that you need to widen your main column? :)


Hi deb, welcome back! I'm glad to have something to bring you...

Dave, I actually decided to give it a try, just to see, and I can't. Well, I *could*, but I'd have to learn more than I want to just now. More HTML, CSS, etc. I use 'basic' templates, and 500 px is as wide as I can go with this three-column layout.

I stick w/TypePad because I want someone else to know, worry-about, and fix the back end.

Anyway, I fear most of my poems would float lonely in a wider space, and am not up to going through archives to fix all that. I still have a bunch of photos back there I need to fix. That's more than enough.

I am, however, delighted that you like this first real effort in ages. Reinforcement! Yay!


Really love this!

Victoria Webb

Stopping by for a visit- lovely poem, reminds me a little of Mary Oliver, one of my favorite poets. Geologists are studying animals for earthquake predictions; they run to higher ground minutes or hours before quakes, natural disasters, catastrophes. We should listen to them all the time.

I like this layout, by the way!


Welcome, Victoria, & Niki, always happy to see a comment from you.

I do believe I have a poem that refers to that animal talent -- but it may take awhile for me to remember which poem. When I *do* remember, I'll come back and post a link.

I love Mary Oliver's work, so a great compliment, thank you.

Glad you like the layout. I'm getting used to it myself.


Found it: Snapshot Poem 05 December 02005.

And I see, in that poem, that I was quitting smoking at the time. Which I'm about to attempt again.

Life is a spiral. At least, mine is.


This is fantastic. "Standing-up animal of self" is wonderful.


Cool - I like the images you lay out here with such firmness and surety.


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