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16 June 2009


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WOW! Really nice, Sharon. I could visualize the whole journey. Really love the first lines. All of it! Haven't seen a poem for a while. (PS:But you are NOT OLD!)


Hey! I just posted a poem less than a week ago. Heavens to Betsy!

And, a reminder that one must not assume that the speakers in my poems are me.

Even if they are, now and then. Like, in this one. But -- you would know that, wouldn't you?

This illness makes one feel old, not much difference, really.


An excellent reading, congratulations,


Anthony North

That's quite a journey.


Lovely thoughts Sharon :)

Nicole Nicholson

I like the language in this poem and the images it conjours up. Good write.


Sharon, I love this piece, especially the way you use the forward slashes to create smaller units within longer lines. That's very Alice Notley and is something I've also been working with, using double colons as my "rest" within lines.


I enjoyed reading this slowly, letting the images sink in.


Yeah, nice piece of poetry, the line 'a drive through the neighborhood of biography' sums it up for me.


nicely done i really enjoyed reading


Thanks, Anny. A bit out of practice, I fear...


Oh, I'm so glad -- that's exactly what I struggled with. I must go read Notley, as I don't remember seeing the slashes used this way, so I thought I was, maybe, pushing the boundary a bit too hard.

Love the double colon idea.


Thank you all for reading & commenting. My major concern, the use of the slashes to indicate smaller 'pieces' in the lines, seems to have worked ok for most of you.

I really appreciate the feedback!

Mark S.

I really like this. It's very well done. I could 'see' it.

gautami tripathy

I like the way it goes from the concrete to the abstract.

x-y-z: all three axes

Joanne Merriam

This is really lovely, especially "cottonwood flurries at the windshield/out-of-season seed-storm"... nice!

Ruth Liam

Fantastic poem. I`m putting an internet poem collection together and I`m wondering if you would be interested in taking part in it. Some contact info would be appreciated. Thank you.

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