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21 July 2009


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I don't have a center in the sense of one lifestreaming spot, though there's a WordPress plugin I could use to have a lifestream page at Via Negativa if it bothered me. I've been keeping my Google profile up-to-date with as much personal information and as many links as I feel like sharing, though relying on Google for this makes me feel a little as if I've been assimilated by the Borg.


By the way, the Typepad account setup link here is totally borked.


Borked, how? I'll submit a ticket w/more detail.


Your Borg profile is one of the best I've seen -- it pushed me to update my own.

It's the conversation being all over the place that bugs me the most.


I love your Belle. (Did I ever tell you I had a beautiful gray/white cat w/ sea green eyes named Belle? She has been gone since 1995. Sigh. Her companion was gotten first, my soul-kitty boy DLH, a tabby named Beast because he never, ever learned to pull in his claws when he played with me.)

I have similar struggles, although your readership is much, much wider.

I have a Tumbler-account that my Identi.ca stuff goes to just because. And I save poem-like dent-snippets on a separate word document. Sometimes I regurgitate them on my blog, but mostly not.

(You forgot Momentile; although they are not words, they are communication.)


Deb, my readership is not as wide as you think, I bet.

I did a Tumblog for my links, and made a widget from that -- yet another 'place' --

& I do like Momentile. You have a blog widget! How?

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