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01 July 2009


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I love the personification of 'Weather'! The whole piece has a sort of alice-in-wonderland feel to it! nice.

Donald Harbour

Good, I really liked the connection between nature, the artifice of weather, and human inability to cope with both. Great!


I love the progression from "a wood" to "a vast lawn" -- wonderful.

gautami tripathy

I like the magical/fantasy feel it evokes!

equus asinus asinus

Linfas Jacobs

This sparked my brain! Love what you did with it!


wow, I really loved this, it pulled me in and I love the 'plummy voices arguing' line - not sure what plummy voices are, but they sounded thick, sweet and syrupy...


Particularly vivid and interesting weather/human juxtaposition. Nice work - enjoyed the reading, as well!

Mark's Notebook

This makes me wish I'd written it.

It was that good.

sister AE

There is some great language in this. I'm particularly fond of "broken spines and ribboned cloth."


This poem has a cinematographic quality to it, where as a reader i felt as if I was panning from scene to scene, almost floating over this wonderful landscape you have created.


Thank you all for your comments. This was *really* fun to do. And when it was done and posted, I went to Totally Optional Prompts to see what the prompt was there for this week -- and, yay! I already wrote that poem!


"Plummy voices" really grabbed me too. It's such a rich phrase. I also really like the detailed personification of Weather and his attention to his entropic work.

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