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07 July 2009


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"Great arched skylights, wide
open views to the indifferent universe.

is just sublime.

Anthony North

So full of imagery and, yes, the last lines were excellent.

Linda Jacobs

I could read this a dozen times for all the wonderful details!


Indifferent universe - struck me like a cherry bomb. Nice work!


Phew! This is loaded with images! I like the bit about the diaries being written in invisible ink.

gautami tripathy

Wonderful images! A pleasure to read this..



i agree great images


K D Lang is dancing the tango with Philip Glass.Now there's a good prompt for a poem.

Nicole Nicholson

Actually, k.d. lang dancing the tango with Phillip Glass was my favorite image in the whole poem -- but it's packed with great images to begin with. It was hard to decide. I love how this draws us in, room by room, detail by detail. Good write.


Mutiny in Six Parts

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