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19 August 2009


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Keith S. Wilson

I don't know if you believe in public health care or not, but regardless, I can't believe there are people who would call Obama a nazi over his attempt to fix health care. If someone thinks it's a bad idea, that's one thing. But there is obviously a huge problem, and he's only trying to fix it. How is that in any way Nazi-like???


I cannot imagine anyone, save for some of the privileged few, who would think health care reform irrelevant. Too bad we cannot achieve people reform. Thought, consideration and kindness sure could use a resurgence.

All my best to you, as always.


I went into my local emergency room in acute pain with an obstruction in my colon--which can be fatal--and though I was listed as a "priority," I still spent over an hour in the waiting room. If I'd called an ambulance, I surely would have been seen sooner, but at the time, I didn't understand how serious it was.

It's happening all over the country and it's straining the community hospitals financially as well. I wonder how long it will be before they simply have to turn people who can't produce the magic card away?

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