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30 August 2009


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Keith S. Wilson

I LOVE the ending.


Very poignant. Really like this poem - perfect.


Thank you for this touching poem. It is very helpful to me.


A powerful and controlled indictment. Excellent.

Small Talk



I really like this poem a lot. I've been exploring your site & reading some of your poetry & enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!


Very rarely do I read a poem I have to copy down into my notebook for years of rereads. This is one of them. Thank you, thank you for it.


I'm not sure now why I wrote 'indictment'. This is simply a beautiful poem about confession!


" Have you scoured your heart of love,
set it to harden in a kiln of rage?
Drop it on the tiles, then. Let it break."

Those words spoke to me so eloquently....I re-read your piece to take it all in.....allow it to marinate in my psyche.
I am happy I found your site.

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