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29 September 2010


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I hope so, too. I've missed you.

I'm glad to hear you're unfolding a bit. Good luck with the classes!

(Although, jeez, you're taking THREE at once? Wow.)


I've missed you too.


Sharon - I do hope with all my heart that all this sadness finally leaves you alone. You had more than your fair share this year.

As always, you are my thoughts.


Thanks for the summary, but wow. My profound sympathies.


Sharon, I hope sweetness and life surround you.


What a year. So glad there were good things too. I've missed you and would be so happy if writing here again was something you'd find joyful and helpful.


glad to see you back. sorry you have had such an incredible year. ours wasn't all picnics and pleasantries either. but it is another year and we'll just keep muddling through i guess. good going on classes, but 3? wow. take care and looking forward to more writings in your future. poet.

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