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16 December 2010


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Glad you're planning on more regular posting. Yours was one of the 1st poetry blogs I discovered way back in '06 when you hosted a carnival of the cats that I participated in.

Mary Scriver

Sharon, I am SO glad to see you back and I will spread the word to others. We were cat fans as well. I don't know whether you are still checking me out (www.prairiemary.blogspot.com) I'm using my tortie's photo on my banner at the moment.

I am co-writing with Tim Barrus who is a poet (among other disreputable things). He more or less dragged me onto Facebook with him where he spent months with a small circle of poets. A few were quite good, more were out-to-lunch, and a few were crocodiles. He finally got kicked off. (I SAID he was disreputable!) I was happy to bail.

I'm told by other poets that almost all the poetry groups are plagued this way. This little circle was beating the format prob by using slash marks at the ends of lines. Not ideal, but interesting effects sometimes.

I"m not writing poetry anyway. I'm doing long-form daily posts, getting a little more complex and far afield all the time.

Welcome back.

Prairie Mary


I'll admit, I almost gave up on you. But there was something that kept saying, she'll come back.


I just "discovered" you in the past week or so - and it looks like I have good timing! :)


beyond the angst is the magic of a photo that matters more on this morning than you could ever imagine - it's always good to hear what your heart has to say


This holiday season has seen me particularly appreciate the gift that are friends and the small joys and miracles of every day. So very good to see you back again, Sharon.

Linda Macdonald

An Internet presence is vital in the modern world if we are to connect with everyone that will make a positive difference to our life's experiences. Yes, it also opens the door to some strange online personalities, but that is also true in real life, I think.

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