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30 December 2010


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"Next year will be different"--
watching others party
on TV


New Year's Eve--
so pleased my balled-up tissue
makes the waste basket

Sherry Chandler

Sixty degrees and thunder
begins this New Year's day. A CSX
freight blows for the crossing.

Sherry Chandler

Binary New Year's Day
Must mean something


Ok it's not a haiku,it demanded more lines but its good enough ;)


Ah, the new year -

Is it, blessed or cursed?
Unknown until, the restless days
are spent -

like a night of love.

Not sure if I have the question mark in the right spot? You can corrected it, along any grammar goofs.

Kate Fern

At midnight fireworks explode
dogs bark then settle
geese pass honking overhead.


one one and one one
seem to say 'new beginning'
at least i hope so


He comes back
from a season's fishing
sleek as a seal.


However it ends,
it begins with a kiss and
a wish for the best.

-- Jennifer Simon

Susan Butler

winter morning, new year
black dog shakes snow from her back
the snow keeps falling


Thank you, all, for your contributions!


Thank you for collecting them -- this is delightful!


The early sunrise,
how it turns the hillside pink.
Does it shame the snow?

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