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15 December 2010


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Or a nap :o)

And moments of revelry


Sometimes, after reading one of your poems, I feel like having a cigarette, too.


Don't. Even. Thinkaboutit.


Nice! I love those questions is part 2. There's something about well-placed questions that keep a poem going in my mind for longer than it otherwise might. This one has been on my mind since I read it yesterday.


Questions, cigarettes, death and sex. What's not to like?

I quite like this.

vivienne blake

I hope death is really like that. An intriguing take on the prompt. Bravo.


Well, if we have to be dead, its nice to know there are compensations like this involved. Excellent close on this one.


Well, if I have that to look forward to, I'm ready!
Well done.


I like the idea of the dead woman becoming transformed into all the the things she loves...Excellent poem!


an incredibly fine read.


There is something almost metaphysical about this...the analogy between becoming one through sex and entering into the oneness of the universe after death. Enjoyed it.


I truly enjoyed how you wrote about sex and death. The second part has a soft landing.

Cynthia Short

Both of your pieces were really amazing...such interesting and unique thoughts...great!


oh, this is a great one, sb! so glad you shared it with us. lots of things i read a couple times because i enjoyed them so!


sooo much to like about this Sharon..so I will just say i LOVED it...thanks for sharing


The first poem is full and round (makes no sense, probably) as if painted with acrylic and the second sketched with charcoal. They are of the same hand, but reach different places in my head. Funny how I had to describe my reaction physically, which is simple how I responded to your poem (as if I, too, need a smoke).

The last two lines seem to overlay the "styles", to me, to great effect.

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