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17 December 2010


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Hmmm...Blogcarnival was up a couple days ago so this must be recent.

Thanks for the heads up!


We stopped using that site for Festival of the Trees over a year ago. Poor UI, and all it really seemed to bring us were tenuously related and downright spammy submissions, so it became more trouble than it was worth.


Belle is awesome. May your days long be blessed with cats climbing into your pant legs.

Mary Scriver

Maybe Belle is part ferret, since climbing up pant legs is a fav ferret trick and I believe there are even competitions in England. Or maybe she's been sneaking BBC clips about ferrets and thought she'd just try that.

Prairie Mary


Hi, I just came across your post from April 19, 2004 re: see the glass as already broken--accept that things will go wrong. I think I have only ever commented on one other blog at one other time in my life but...in an effort to live life more gratefully, I just wanted to say thank you for that post and the subsequent comment-conversation that occurred. It was just what I needed to read in this moment, and what I will aspire to remember in every moment.


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