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12 January 2011


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vivienne Blake

Nice string of haiku. I loved the last one the best.


You have created a feeling of warmth from the coldness.
Boy do I feel like a dummy. I read this a one piece.
Then I saw Viv's comment.


Don't feel like a dummy -- I wrote this as one piece. I do write a lot of haiku (or smallpoems) so that's no doubt why this came out as it did.


The imagery is vivid and energetic - cute squirrel...


I love how you define the words in the center of the poem. Very effective.

Dan Wilcox

Corn, a nice small word.

Laurie Kolp

Very clever... I can easily picture you and your surroundings. I love the maze in the street!

Jeanne Aguilar

so nice to read and I sort of feel like I'm looking over your shoulder while reading it...love the squirrel pic!

Leon's Escapades

Squirrels are adorable. I hate it when people call em rats with a furry tale. I grew up surrounded by them and i only think of them as fairy tale creatures.



feels of a whole to me. complex & studied. I love the feeding rituals of winter.

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