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04 February 2011


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vivienne Blake

Your last line came as a shock, though it shouldn't have done given the news saturation. This line brings a lightening of the spirit: "lengthening days"

Kate Fern

I love what you've done with the prompt! lovely imagery ice daggers and the branches indecipherable glyphs. Also the cold wintry theme and then the shock of Cairo burning at the end.

Donna Vorreyer

I agree that the poem lulls us into a silenced natural world of winter and then wakes us up with the last line.


The poem does a wonderful job of evoking the cold and ice of winter.

Laurie Kolp

Beautiful imagery! I love the mtsterious aura you have presented here.


Oh, and it does. Superb work.


Love the sharp edge on this poem. You were brilliant with the last line.

Wrote the list of words down. Let's see what I can come up.


All that white and ice and cold. Then Cairo burning. Wow.


I very much like the winter images.


This week is special I think. Everyone seems to rise up this week. You are superb and I especially like how you added your doodle. That's my kind of art too, and years ago I got serious about it for a season.

Your poem holds throughout. But don't expect too much serious critique here. It's a social site.

Yes, Cairo burns.


I like the mystery. And the shock.


Clear word-painting of the present moment. You have many breath-taking images in here--and then the denouement!


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