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30 April 2011


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They say that we believe 10% of the nice things that people say about us and about 100% of the bad or mean things. Sigh. I think creativity/validation of said creativity is a very difficult journey for many. You are not alone. Thanks for signing up to Art Journal Every Day in May!


Oh dear! Now you've made me get all snuffly! ;) I can tell you that you've been a blessed inspiration and viewing your pieces has been a joy to me since you first popped into DS. We are so lucky to have you! And by the way, I DO hum your little fibro anthem every morning when i wake up and can barely move yet. Makes me smile to myself every single morning, and let me tell you, that is a big improvement to my morning standard! I'm so pleased you've found us, and the sisterhood and support we bring to each other.
big hugs..


Just found you through Julie's May sign up list, and enjoyed your post. I was just thinking this afternoon (again) about needing to pursue my creative activities for other purposes than some sort of external validation from others. I have to believe a lot of people struggle with worrying about others' validation of their efforts, and how fleeting that satisfaction can be.


Oh yes, There was times i felt like giving up on the poetry but somehow I don't. Now i have over 700 poems :)

Marie (also known as Ozstuff)

Congratulations on being published! I love your two artpieces that found their way into the Deviant Scraps book. Your blog is full of good things and I have enjoyed my visit here.

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