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24 May 2011


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Wonderful artwork. I think you caught the idea of Steampunk just fine. Love that sentiment. Lot's of truth to it. Thanks for being Soartful. Please come join us again.


Nice to see my popular border designs being used all over the web without credit to the original artist who created them!! Me.


If you would click the image, as suggested, you would find yourself credited, and linked. I am scrupulous about credits, and have credited you at flickr.

However, you have started me thinking whether there might be a way to post credits here on the blog, without destroying the visuals I work hard to maintain.


I do not use Flickr.
Credits need to be placed where ever the image is uploaded online. This is something I do with my own digital art that uses another's stock image. I guess I am naive in thinking that every other artist is able to do the same. Shame really.


Well, I've given this a great deal of thought, because I agree completely that credits are important. In fact, a quick look at many sites will demonstrate that I am far more careful than most about providing complete credits, with links. I go to a lot of effort to manage it, given that I use elements from many different sources in my work.

I just checked, and my alphabetical list of designers is currently 43 pages long. I add to it every time I download from a new source. That's what I use to cut & paste so that my credits aren't just noted, they are linked.

A look at Somerset Digital Studio Magazine confirms that credits are listed at the back of the magazine; for the same reason, I suspect, as I keep mine at Flickr: to keep the art itself looking clean and beautiful. You page to the back of the magazine for the credits; at Watermark you click the image for credits. Less cumbersome, in fact.

I see that we disagree, and I am very sorry to have caused you distress – especially as you have been generous in offering your work for others to use. And, especially because you actually seem to view me as an artist. I thank you for that.

I hope that you will click through to flickr, and look at some of my pages, just to see how careful I am about crediting original sources. I hope you will feel reassured.

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