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15 June 2011


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Brilliant trio of your wonderful art, along with all the other pieces on your blog!

Eila A.

Fantastic collages! So beautiful!


my favorite are all these colorful insects (oh no, wouldn´t love to have them in the house though...). and the quote that goes along with them is great!

Art Chick Studio

Love your boats/ships collage for Collage Obsession. Great images and details combined with the perfect quote from RWE. Wonderful!


Wonderful pieces!


All three are great. I love the use of maps in art, and the insects had me feeling a bit creepy-crawly!! Well done all, and thanks for sharing your talent.

Rose H. McGuinn

Wow! It's like looking at a fireworks show around here--a spectacle! Sheer brilliance--love those butterfly wing sails and your Emerson quote! But your Paris one is richly impasted and equally wonderful. I am wowed by your work!


Love the insects and the Paris piece!

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