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17 April 2012


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Well, it won't rank my blog without a feedburner URL, and I have no idea what that is!
Also, even though you have a list "top poetry blogs" I couldn't find a way to choose poetry as a blog category - the nearest I could get was Arts & Literature/Writing.
It doesn't seem as if you can submit other favourite blogs either, it has to be submitted by the blog owner.



I went in to add Abide (my other blog) just to see how this works.

When you choose a category, like Arts & Literature, a drop-down box appears; that's where you would choose Poetry.

The "feedburner URL" is the RSS feed for your blog. I think that will work fine. That's the "Suscribe to my blog" URL. I don't see it activated on your blog, but basic Blogger instructions should tell you how to do it (and you should.)


I'll check out blogger. I've never used "subscribe to my blog" because I just put the ordinary URL into Google Reader and it seems to work fine.
In the drop down box for Arts & Literature, I didn't see any category for Poetry - only writing.

John Walton

Hi! I wondered if you would consider having a link to my Blog as I am desperately trying to build up a following. My poems are well received on Google+ but blog activity is rather slow. Thank you.

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