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15 August 2012


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This post presents these issues so well!


Thanks, Amanda. I've been working on this for awhile. I hope it will be useful.

Christine Smith

Great post. I've been able to rescue some of the poorer quality images I've acquired (some were even paid for) by digitally blending them in Photoshop onto textured paper or other backgrounds or purposely distressing them with ink and paint. There are things in my stash that I thought I would probably NEVER use that have been given new life on art journal pages. Have a great day!


One time, a few years ago - for the heck of it, I googled border collie puppy images. Imagine my surprise at finding several of photos of my border collie all over the internet. One was a school website, the person (in eastern Canada no less) was describing a field trip to a farm, and portrayed Sugar as the dog on the farm. WTH?

Susan aka sslyn

Love your credit at the end. I was just thinking, "Where'd she get those marvelous letters?" LOL

TY for the post and for leaving credit!

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