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23 February 2013


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Susan aka suslyn

Scrapflower which is a new version of Catscraps.

One Story Down if they come back...

Susan aka suslyn



Great post!


Susan, I did try Scrapflower but haven't been able to get to the forum or gallery in the past couple of days. I will add them when I can. Didn't think of Godigital, and will check them out, thanks.


This was a very helpful descriptions of the available resources! Thanks for sharing!


Sharon, this is a great, wonderful post!!!! some sites I had never heard of, others more familiar, and I love the way you have collected the info and explained in such wonderful manner, LOVE this!!!!!


Thanks for a great post. Very helpful, and I'll be sure to come back for more. I see you found the group, Digital Art Stuffage on FB.


Definitely One story down when they re-open, especially with Fiddlette selling there (under Fiddlette and The Thinking Creative).
Digital Scrapbook Place does have a forum and gallery. They have been around for many years. http://digitalscrapbookplace.com/


Thank you, Rikki. I don't know how I missed that! I'll fix the post.

And be assured that I'm keeping an eye on One Story Down.


I agree about loving the Art Journaling section for the gallery. It's a MUST in my opinion, to find inspiration when I am mojoless!

-- dalis


"GoDigitalScrapbooking There is an art journaling section in the shop (37 products today). Tons of challenges, only one (ATC Challenge Swap) seems to be art journalish. No art journal category in the gallery, and a quick look doesn't find any in recent weeks. It is an open gallery. (Note: this is, I think, a site for Christian scrappers.)"

Update....GDS now has a full AJ category and sub-categories that are growing. Also new AJ Gallery section as well. AJ progressive challenge just started in February and will be continuing with a new challenge in March....also...definitely not a Christian based store :)

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