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12 August 2017


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Lori Saul

Powerful words of wisdom and yes beauty. The beauty of knowing oneself as you really are is the most powerful tool we have. Love your expressive collage as well.


Once upon a time I was active in the Toastmasters group, and I gave a speech called "What you see is what you get". The concept was others see you as you perceive yourself, and the secret to a happy life is first to learn to love yourself. Not always the easiest thing to do. Your beautiful post reminded me of that speech. Thank you!

Deann Williams

Beautiful artwork love the colors. I can so relate to your words especially being invisible myself, because of the digital age I am now able to shop all day long among hundreds of people buy every thing I need and never interact with anyone.
A very thoughtful and beautiful post, thank you.

Sim Lignon

Strong words and powerful concepts.
They carry such wisdom.
Each one is facing itself.
I love your colours and imagery too.

michele s

your images and your words carry such depth and beauty. that confirm for me that you are deeply beautiful. xo

Ann Baker

This is awesome in every single way.

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