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Robin Reagler

Sharon, I'm so happy that you've created this page. It's a true gift. Thank you!


You are welcome! Please let me know of anything that should be added. It's a work in progress.


"Just a little linklove"

That is so cool!


Please add stoney moss (for both ...deb and Whirling Dervish)...thanks, Sharon! I should send you a quote from Maureen, in respnse to an email querry from me before-during the time Jan & I posted stuff at RWP; here it is:

"I think I originated NaPoWriMo...but there could very well be others who came up with the same idea around the same time! I though of it in 2003 after reading about National Novel Writing Month, and thought I would set myself up a challenge for April along the same lines. Other people have joined up each year since then...

All and sundry have my permission forevermore to have NaPoWriMo fun, hold NaPoWriMo parties, etc, etc."

How cool is she? And you!


Hi deb -- I saw that note from Maureen, posted somewhere ... so I knew she wouldn't mind.

Stoney Moss is added!

Hawi Moore

Came across this page and I love it



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